Turn your Android phone into a lockbox key!
With eKEY software, use your Android based smartphone as your lockbox key. eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere.

There are two service levels available: eKEY Basic which provides basic keybox functions. eKEY Professional (coming in 2011) adds MLS data saved to your phone, links Google maps to the listings, and delivers showing details to your phone.

eKEY Basic Features
  • Wireless Updates and Alerts
  • Obtain Listing Keys
  • Keep track of all your key boxes right from your phone
  • Manage and Program your keyboxes
  • Easily place and remove keyboxes from listings using your phone
  • Change your own shackle codes

How much does the eKEY Fob cost?

There is a one time fee of $49.95 (plus $3.95 shipping and any applicable taxes) to purchase the eKEY Fob. To use the eKEY software there is a monthly key fee like our other keys. The monthly key fee varies by Organization.

Does the eKEY Fob require batteries?

Yes.  It uses two easily replaceable AAA batteries.

How do I get eKEY for Android ?

eKEY for Android will be issued just like the other eKEYs.  The eKEY Fob will be available for purchase directly from Supra and from most Boards and MLSs. 

Moving from DisplayKEY or ActiveKEY is a very simple process.  It will only take a few minutes at your local Board or MLS (whoever issued your current key).

What Android phones will be supported?

eKEY for Android will run on most phones running Android OS 2.1 or greater.

Is there a way to see how eKEY for iPhone works before I buy it?

Yes.  Once the software is released, there will be a demo version which will allow you you to check out all the eKEY Basic features. 

eKEY for Android
eKEY Basic for Android is here!
  • When you point the fob at an iBox, it converts your phone's Bluetooth signal to Infrared, which is needed to communicate with the iBox.
  • The converter is very easy to set up, much like a Bluetooth headset.
  • It features inexpensive, user-replaceable batteries.
eKEY Fob
How does the phone communicate with the lock box?
  • For the Android eKEY to open iBoxes, you will need a small  Bluetooth to Infrared converter (shown at right). The converter looks similiar to the key fob you use to lock and unlock your car remotely.
  • After entering your PIN in your phone, you can put your phone away and then use the fob to open the iBox.