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Using CBS Codes

Every KeyBox contains a Call Before Showing (CBS) code that your Association/Board/MLS can activate.

  • The CBS code allows the listing agent to control KeyBox access by requiring the showing agent to call for authorization before opening the KeyBox.

  • If the CBS code is active in a KeyBox every showing agent must enter the CBS code into their key before accessing the KeyBox.

  • If the CBS code is active in a KeyBox, it will show as CBS on in KIM Web, under the 'View Existing KeyBoxes' screen for that KeyBox.

  • Certain affiliated keyholders ALWAYS need a CBS code to access the KeyBox, even if CBS is set to off.

  • Entering a CBS Code Into Your Key

    1. Press On/Off to turn your ActiveKEY on.

    2. Scroll to "Call Before Showing' and press Enter.

    3. Enter the CBS code and press Enter.

    Once you’ve entered the CBS code for a particular KeyBox into your ActiveKEY, follow the standard procedure for releasing the key container. You can access the KeyBox until the listing agent changes the KeyBox or until you enter a CBS code for a different KeyBox.

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  • Last Updated: Friday, March 02, 2012 at 08:21