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If you're unable to update on your cradle, you can obtain an Update Code from KIM Voice or KIM web.

Note:If you need to get an update code from KIM Voice for a coop Association/Board/MLS you must always update for your primary Association/Board/MLS first, then for your coop Association/Board/MLS, even if you are not going to be working in your primary Association/Board/MLS area that day.

SupraWEB Update

  • Go to SupraWEB .

    1. Enter your User ID

    2. Enter your password.

    Login Credentials

KIM Voice Update

  1. For an update through KIM Voice: call 1.888.968.4032

  2. When you hear 'Hello This is KIM', input your DisplayKEY number and the 4 digit PIN code that you use to open KeyBoxes

  3. Follow the prompts for an update code.

Entering the Update Code Into Your DisplayKEY

  1. Press Enter to turn the DisplayKEY on, then press Down Arrow several times until you see 'Input Update or CBS', then press Enter.

  2. Input the update code, then press Enter.

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  • Last Updated: Friday, March 02, 2012 at 08:21