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USB Cradle - installation instructions

If you need to uninstall first go to USB Cradle uninstall instructions.

The DKey USB Cradle software is available free of charge on KIM Web

  • 64 bit Vista or 64 bit Windows 7 - click here.
  • 32 bit Windows, Click this link to start the download

  1. It's best to select "save" from the box, and save the application to your desktop

  2. The application is called dKeyUSBCradle_x86-, and looks like this:
    32 Bit App
    Double click the application to start it.

  3. If you get a security warning like this, click "Run"
    Security Warning

  4. If necessary you will be prompted to install Microsoft .Net Framworks version 3.5

    1. Click Next to begin the installation
      Dot Net Start

    2. After installation you will need to reboot. Click Yes to reboot
      Dot Net Reboot

    3. After the reboot the install will restart itself

  5. Click Next to start the installation.

  6. Make sure the USB cord to the cradle is not plugged in and click Next.

    Unplug Cradle

  7. If the software was previously installed you may get a messaget to repair or remove the software. If so, select Repair and click Next.

  8. < br />
  9. Select "I accpt the terms of this agreement" and click Next.
    License Agreement

  10. Click Change if you wish to change the destination folder then click Next to continue the install.
    Destination Folder

  11. Click Install to start the program installation.

  12. Click Next to start the driver installation.

  13. If you get a warning message about the software not having passed Windows Logo testing, Press Continue Anyway

  14. Click Next to continue the installation
    Internet Settings

  15. Click Next to begin the Hardware setup.

  16. Plug in the cradle and click OK

  17. If you get the "Found New Hardware Wizard"

    1. select "Install the Hardware Automatically" and click Next
      Hardware Wizard

    2. Complete the Wizard by pressing Finish
      complete Hardware Wizard

  18. Click OK to start the Cradle Finder
    Cradle Finder

  19. Perform a manual eSYNC

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  • Last Updated: Friday, March 23, 2012 at 07:41