When an agent shows one of your properties and you receive the showing alert, you will be able to easily tell which property the alert is for as it will have the home's address in the email.

The reports in SupraWEB are designed to display the address and MLS number associated with a particular lock box.  Thus, when viewing showing reports, it is easy to tell when showing activity is happening on a particular home.

Assigning boxes also has lockbox inventory management advantages.  When an MLS number and address are assigned to a box, you always know what property a particular box is on.  This is particularly useful when you are sharing boxes with other agents.

One of the best reasons to assign a lock box is that it can assist in providing powerful real estate market data.  When lock boxes are assigned, it is possible to look at summary showing data that will illustrate showing trends by geographic area.  For example, it would be possible to compare two different neighborhoods to see which one is showing more activity. 

Benefits of assigning lock boxes to an address: